R U Hip? - FAQ'S
R U Hip? - (use your hands for something else)
What type of fabric are the Hip Klip pockets made of?
The pockets vary between 100% Cotton Canvas, 50-50 Poly-Cotton Blend, and 100% Synthetic Faux Leather.
How do the Hip Klips work?
Its easy to use the hip klip, this illustration shows you how. Flip it and klip it.You flip the circle up, slip it on your clothing or bag, and push the circle back down to securely close it. Refer to the Hip Klips type page for an illustration. Then just pick a pocket you like and it comes with 2 klip designs of your choice. 
Will the pocket plus affect my cell phone?
Many cell phone types have been tested and there hasn't been any issues noted.
Will the Pocket Plus wipe out credit cards?
 It shouldn't. The Pocket Plus company has tested multiple credit cards by taping them to the actual magnet for several hours and carrying them in the Pocket Plus for several weeks. They didn't experience any problems with any of the cards and haven't to this day to their knowledge. 
Will the Pocket Plus ruin a card type hotel key?
The Pocket plus company has had some issues with hotel card keys wiping out and found the solution is putting  the key in a paper sleeve.
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